WineMi value gift box is perfect...

Especially when the wine is as carefully chosen and exclusive as ours then smartly packaged and hand delivered to your friend, business partner or employee anywhere in Kenya and beyond. There's no better way of sending birthday or Christmas greetings, saying thank you for a job well done or keeping in touch with important business partners. If it's urgent, mostly we can make the delivery the very next day. 

For larger corporate orders, wedding or party events  we can do customised labels for many of the wines on our list. We can also print company logos or messages on cases, boxes or individual or multiple bottle cartons. Special wooden and other boxes for both wine and handmade glass or other accesories are also available.

Remember that our wines are not available in shops and supermarkets. This gives your  gifts a much-appreciated exclusivity and helps you stand out as a giver... Our Winegiftpacks are also available on a monthly subscription basis until cancelled. Cancelling is free of cost.


Each monthly Wine MI value gift box includes:

  • Wine and Pairing Sheet (pairing specific)

  • Personalized Gift Note (optional, first box only)